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Who We Are

Originally started as a collaboration between the Cities of Roseville and Mounds View, Metro-INET was created in 1999 to share IT resources. Realizing we had a good thing, other cities joined. In January 2021, a joint powers agreement (JPA) was executed for the establishment of the North East Metropolitan Area Municipal Internetworking Collaborative to be known as Metro-INET. Metro-INET is considered a separate and distinct public entity. With this agreement, participating members jointly and cooperatively provide for the development and operation of IT services for the use and benefit of their members. We're an established organization with a track record of success, in an exciting period of transformation to increase our responsiveness, resilience, and sustainability.


Metro-INET currently provides a full suite of IT services to 33 organizations, and partial services to an additional 11 organizations. Our members are mainly small and medium sized cities, fire departments and watershed districts in the Northeastern part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. We provide end user computer and infrastructure support which includes internet and network access, voice services, data storage, and auxiliary support for many different member-owned applications.


Metro-INET is fiscally responsible, providing high quality customer service, and is the epitome of collaboration for the collective good. Staff take pride in its culture of teamwork and agility in being able to provide immediate hands-on help. They are exceptional at problem solving with a focus on intuition, common sense, and technical expertise. They enjoy the variety that comes with their work. In a single day, staff may sit in a police car or fire truck to provide tech solutions that may save someone’s life, then work with the Director of Public Works to troubleshoot a mapping software issue, and later work on an email issue for a City Manager.

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